Unite The World Executive Board (International)

  • Rabbi Yossi Schulman, Pennsylvania – CEO and President, Unite The World
  • Rabbi David Masinter, Johannesburg, South Africa, Director – Change Our World For Good
  • Rabbi Shmuel Rothman, Florida – CEO, Rothman Coaching

ARK Charity Project of Luzerne County – Leadership

  • Rabbi Yossi Schulman – Unite The World David Pedri – The Luzerne Foundation
  • Lindsay Griffin – Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Dr. Anthony Grieco – Luzerne Intermediate Unit 18
  • Jill Valentini – Fidelity Bank
  • Charles Barber, Senior Advisor, Past President of The Luzerne Foundation

Rabbi Yossi Schulman

CEO and President

Rabbi Yossi Schulman received his B.A. from the Rabbinical College of America in NJ and his Rabbinical Ordination from the prestigious Machon Chaim at Melbourne, Australia.

He has served as a community rabbi, an educator for at-risk teens, a school board member, administrator, and federal programs director, an insurance specialist, and counselor to many.

Rabbi Schulman’s focus is collaboration with faith leaders, organizations, and institutions to build model replicable community programs to advance shared goals and vision.

The ARK Charity Project History

The A.R.K. (Acts of Random Kindness) Charity Project was conceived in 2014 by Rabbi David Masinter from Johannesburg, South Africa. Under his organization “Change our World For Good”, over a million charity boxes have been distributed in South Africa and around the world, encouraging charity and acts of kindness. The project gained traction in the USA in several locations, most notably at the El Paso School District (Texas) and at Kansas University.

Unite The World was established in May 2020, and decided to further develop and promote the

ARK Charity Project as its first major project, due to its low cost, high impact, its platform for developing local and wider partnerships, and the opportunity for developing a sustainable, successful, replicable model for communities across the USA and beyond.

Unite The World has run the ARK Charity Project at institutions across Northeast PA with great success and feedback from participants.  Over $10,000 has been donated to local nonprofits through the ARK Charity Project, and the project continues to attract more interest locally and internationally.