Justin Parry Parent, Wyoming Area Catholic School, Exeter, PA

Dear Unite The World,
Julius, age 5, is a Pre-K student. While empathy and generosity are very important ideals, we, as parents strive to instill within him, his age sometimes provides an obstacle, intrinsically, to the evidence of that goal being attained. When he first brought the ARK home, he was excited for us to contribute, yet hesitant to contribute his own money. As the program went on and the use of the donations were understood better, he began to open his heart and piggy bank more each week. He became proud of his efforts and began to describe to us the intended usage of the funds collected. Not only does, most importantly, the project help those less fortunate, but it provides a valuable opportunity for children to understand the ability to affect change through their actions. The lessons learned through the A.R.K. project will only serve to strengthen a philanthropic resolve, hopefully igniting positive change for lifetimes.



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Charles Barber, Former President of The Luzerne Foundation



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