Give a child, senior, or someone else in your community hope, happiness, and the values of gratitude and kindness for life. Every $1 = 1 ARK Charity box or one more Act of Random Kindness = 1 more life transformed.

Thank you for partnering to change the world, one ARK at a time!

Ethan ARK student participant

“If everyone did a small part to give to someone in need, the world would be a better place. We can set a good example for everyone”

Be a pillar of support to foster a culture of kindness throughout our community!

  • ARK Philanthropy Visionary $25,000

    sponsor a county-wide order of 20,000 ARK charity boxes

  • ARK Venue Sponsor $10,000

    Sponsor a full ARK program at a local school or other institution

  • ARK Program Benefactor $5,000

    Sponsor local ARK operations for a month or a new ARK initiative

  • ARK Distribution Partner/Corporate Sponsor $1,000

    Sponsor distribution of ARKs at a local institution

  • ARK Kindness Supporter $500

    Sponsor a Day of Kindness across our community

  • ARK Impact $250

    Sponsor an ARK event at a local school or other institution

  • ARK Member $100

    Provide ARK Charity Boxes to 100 local children.

You are an essential partner in bringing goodness and kindness to your community. Please share what the ARK Charity Project means to you with Rabbi Yossi Schulman at, and how you would like to share your model of charitable giving with others through a major gift to the ARK Charity Project. 

Unite The World is a charitable 501c3 organization. All donations are tax deductible and will be recognized on The Luzerne Foundation’s and Unite The World’s ARK Charity Project webpage. Unite The World does not take donations given through the A.R.K. charity boxes; your generous sponsorship provides for charity box production and project infrastructure. EIN 85-0572851